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One of my big passions is cooking and especially baking. E, my two year old, loves it too (getting to do “big girl” things) and I expect M, my 10 month old, will too as soon as he learns it’s not all about having a spatula and a wooden spoon to chew on and bash about. 

We have joined the cupcake craze finally having found a good recipe – Thanks Mary Berry! Recipe mastered we have been experimenting with colourings and flavourings to create overly sugary treats for a month or so now. We do extra icing than the recipe states so we can create the ideal cupcake shape and once I have piped the topping E is let loose leading to (as my darling hubby termed it) a few examples of fairy spew.

Pink Cupcakes
It’s a brilliant activity for toddlers as they can do so much of it on their own. I get E to measure out the ingredients which generally goes a bit like this:

“More. More. Don’t touch the tare button! Little bit more. STOP! Ok, let’s take a little out again…”

But it’s ok as the recipe is not an exercise in precision and she enjoys it. I am also in charge of the oven and piping although I allow E to guide my piping now as she is getting older.

I like to use gel colours which come out brighter and you can now find quite easily in Switzerland in specialist shops. La Royaume Melazic (cupcake specialists) is now in Neuchâtel town centre and sells a wide range of colours and various tools for decorating. As decorations go though we tend to raid the Coop and Migros supermarkets who have increased their stock recently with the cupcake and now cake pops craze hitting Switzerland.

Just before Christmas this year we had Granny to stay so we decided to make Christmas Tree cupcakes as E asked to make green cupcakes that morning. We added some cocoa to the cake mix so that our trees had a brown trunk and then darkened our green icing by adding some black to get the right colour. Using piping or laces we could apply tinsel, silver balls were baubles and gummy bears stood in for fairies on top of the trees. Little fingers are very good at handling the tiny tree decorations! Here are some of our favourites:



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I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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