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Hey Presto: what a disaster!

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Today I made a special effort to create an activity especially for my 10 month old. I was super excited as I had seen this idea on a Facebook blog I follow called Family Days. Tried and Tested. It looked fun, easy and most attractively (for me) MESS FREE! What could go wrong?

The mum that writes Family Days. Tried and Tested. is a genius and inspired me to make more of an effort with my kids. That blog is one of the reasons I started mine. Usually I do not just take ideas with out adapting them to my little terrors first, but it seemed to good to resist. So I got out the paint and spooned a few dollops of paint into a ziplock bag. Hey presto: fabulous activity prepared in under 5 minutes!

paint prep

Big grin on my face I took the bag over to M and said,

“Wow, look what I have here!”

M comes crawling over excited and grabs the bag. First he shoves it in his mouth so I pop the bag down on floor and squish the paint a bit. Then I show M how to do so. M’s mind ticks over a sec and you see the realisation dawn that it is not something fun to eat or chew. M turns around and goes to find a new toy. FAIL.

M and paint

Oh well I thought I’ll keep it for E. She’ll like to play with it later…

Later on:


“Yes Mummy?”

“I’ve got a special toy for you to play with.”

“OOOOOOOH! Yaaaay! Can I have it now?”

“Yes Darling. Come here.”

E and I sit down and grab a wooden spoon as an instrument for playing with the paint bag. I show E what to do and she plays for about one minute before she goes,

“Can I play with something else now Mummy?”

“Oh ok. You sure you don’t want to play with this a bit more?”

“No, Mummy. Its not working.”

E and paint4

Off she runs. EPIC FAIL.

Now, I have figured out why the paint bag was a fail: M wants anything that goes in his mouth or he can insert in a container, as this is how he currently discovers the world, and E likes activities that leave her a bit more freedom to experiment rather than being so contained (and mess free). I knew as an activity it seem too good to be true. I guess like with anything the more effort you put in the more you get out.

Oh well, guess what I have planned for tomorrow?


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I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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