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What A Beautiful Mess!


Today I’m quite proud of our activity. We went with messy play to cater to my kid’s needs after yesterday’s less than successful attempt at a “clean” activity.

Last night I popped to the supermarket and bought stacks of cheap pasta – we got about 4kg of dry pasta for about 2 Swiss francs.  I had plenty of liquid food colouring at home which I have been trying to use up (from before I found gel colourings here in Switzerland) so I thought let’s make our messy play as colourful as possible!

When the kids went to bed I had a play with the food colouring. I ended up using about 25ml of colouring per pan of water and cooked about a kilo of dry pasta in each. I used red, blue, green and yellow and was quite impressed at how strong the colours came out. I know yellow seems a bit superfluous but actually it definitely added something. Once it was drained I did add some oil to the pasta just so it didn’t all stick together.

This morning we went out for a walk and a hot chocolate with a friend and her baby. My two year old insisted on taking out her pushbike (that she calls her “motorbike”). I was seriously impressed as it was only her second outing on it and she was whizzing all over the place!

While the kids were napping after lunch I set all the pasta out in the bath and decided some nice sticky, slimy banana slices would definitely add something (if not make the play a bit more nutritious). So here is the pre-kid result:

The Pasta Bath

One tip: let the pasta warm to room temperature first or warm it by running some hot water through it first so you don’t freeze your little ones.

Now E (my two year old) dived straight in and I think tried to eat her body weight in pasta and bananas. Once the novelty had worn off she started to build a pasta castle and then bury herself.

Buried in pasta

Then the ten month old got in. He was not very convinced at first to be truthful. I cleared him a spot and just gave him a little pasta to play with and all was fine. He was initially more concerned with eating all the banana off the sides of the bath but then he joined his sister in the pasta “splashing” attempts.

Kids in the pasta bath

It took forever to shower the kids but on the plus side their skin did seem extremely silky from all the oil – mine too by the time I had scrubbed them clean.  M then went down for a nap (I think he was a little over stimulated with all the messy fun) and I cleaned the bathroom.

Pasta mix

M napped till dinner time so E and I baked an apple, banana and carrot cake. Excellent end to a happy and busy day!



Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

5 thoughts on “What A Beautiful Mess!

  1. What a fun activity – very adventurous!

  2. I think you may be the most fun mum ever. Those pasta colors are gorgeous! 🙂
    -Amy at

  3. This is beyond! And I thought I was cool for making play dough at home and shakes out of snow and vanilla. Amazing! Look forward to checking out your blog!!

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