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Splish, Splash, Scream!

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Oh dear, what is up with my 10 month old? My little monkey clings to me and anytime I can actually detach him he screams. What ever happened to my easygoing baby? In an attempt to cheer him up I decided to brave our swim class.

While there are very few organised classes for the under threes, Neuchâtel is actually great for baby swim classes. There are lots of private classes but we go to the local state run ones (Service des Sports) as the waiting lists on the others were just ridiculous when I investigated them. The classes take place in various handicapped equipped pools that are heated to almost body temperature so the little onesdon’t catch a chill. The Service des Sports (Sports Service) is also really flexible and try to make it as easy as possible for parents to attend, for instance, if you can not go to your class one week they will let you rearrange to join another group during the week.

Nonetheless we still struggle to go as I have to find someone to keep the other kid or they are too tired to attend. Due to the fact the classes stop during the holidays and we went away it has been a while. This week M’s mood has gradually been getting worse and worse until today he turned into a limpet. Now, I know he loves the pool, so I thought if anything would help it would be a bit of a swim.

He literally would not be let go of me till we got in the pool. I didn’t realise how strong he was! Once we sang our welcome songs he started to relax but it was only when we started moving around and meeting the other babies he started to smile and splash a bit.

swimming with floatsswimming

When you start the class they show you a few basic holds which allow your baby to feel the water moving around them and get a sense of how to move in it. As the course progresses you learn more and they introduce holds for older babies. You can also play with plenty of bath toys and various float constructions which allow you to move around your baby more easily and allow them to explore the floating sensation in different ways. Despite what you might think there is very little in the way of immersions with these classes until the children are about two years old – I believe this is to prevent ear infections and the babies drinking too much pool water.

the slide

This class they brought out the slide which all the kids love! Unfortunately M suddenly decided to have a mummy panic once we he was at the top. He did giggle though the moment he was back in my arms at the bottom (cheeky boy!).

M & slide

All in all it was a good class and it certainly wore M out – he slept for 2 hours once we got home. The other parents were lovely too so I think there is a strong possibility of making some new friends for us – happy baby and happy mummy.



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I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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