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A Shopping Trolley, A Slide & Grindelwald

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One of my objectives in writing my blog was to compile a list of places to go in Neuchâtel with children. What I have discovered since being a mum is that sometimes the simplest things can bring the most pleasure.

Yesterday was a mummy-daughter bonding day. We spent the day in Marin (a commune just out of Neuchatel town) whizzing around the shopping centres. I had plenty of chores to do but actually E loves shopping with me so she was happy.


In most the supermarkets here you can get various shopping trolleys: there are the standard ones, ones shaped like cars complete with horn (to beep continuously) and often miniature ones that your child can push about (and generally try to run down other customers in the shop). Yep you guessed it: the latter trolley is my little monster E’s favourite! Once we had our trolley we commenced on our rounds and the challenge of preventing E from trying to fill it with unwanted articles or from bashing unsuspecting grannies started.

When the weather is bad in Neuchâtel the challenge is finding good indoor activities. Often it is crafty home baked ideas but sometimes we go in search of indoor play areas. Most of the big chain restaurants or supermarket restaurants have a toy corner or play area. I know it does not seem like much but these places are great for us as we can grab our elevenses or tea and break up our day without having to deal with the usual boredom battle in a normal cafė or pop home.

We managed to go to two of these yesterday: the Migros restaurant Marin Centre for elevenses and the Manor restaurant in Centre Manor for lunch. The first is pretty fun with a climbing frame with tunnel and slide but the Manor one has really gone downhill. Manor used to have a chalk board with chalk, seesaw, tv with movies, rocking horses and even a slide at one point however now they just have a couple of chairs, a broken toy and a playhouse with a broken door and no chalk. E spent the whole time trying to fix the playhouse door or getting me to try. I am a bit sad about how useless the Manor play area is now as it has really gone from hero to zero but the food is good so we still go.

It was great to have a whole day with E on our own. Our relationship suffered a bit initially with the arrival of M and the usual sibling jealousy but since I have managed to wangle some time for us every week things have definitely improved. I am utterly grateful that this has been made possible for us. I would be interested to hear how others manage the sibling balance?

Another busy day in our busy lives but this weekend I am doing something special: I am in Grindelwald to see the 84th International Lauberhorn Race! Here is the view from our hotel:


I will take some more pictures for you over the weekend 🙂 Very excited!

Also I just wanted to add a big thank you to the wonderful grandparents who are being stars and keeping the kids.


Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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