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So as I mentioned this weekend I was pretty quiet as I was off in Grindlewald watching the Lauberhorn Race.

lauberhorn ticketThe Lauberhorn is the mountain between Grindelwald and Wengen in the Bernese alps. The actual race is one of the oldest downhill races in the world and is know for being particularly picturesque.

We had some beautiful weather on the day we arrived but the rest of the weekend wasn’t so great.

Mountains & tree Mountains

Unfortunately on the day of the race the start position was changed at the last minute leading to delays as it was seriously windy up at the top. However the atmosphere was something else which made up for the miserable weather. The Swiss are a hugely patriotic nation but not in the way that I feel we do it as Brits (eg with the whole “2 World Wars and one World Cup” style chant). Anyone is welcome to join in with the cheering and everyone gets a cheer (albeit it a lesser one if they have bumped a Swissie off the top spot).

swiss flags

Despite the wind there were some pretty amazing aircraft acrobatics going on:


Oh and I just have to share some fantastic picnic apparel too! The Swiss will really do fondue anywhere:


The locals were all pretty chuffed as a Swiss claimed the title for the downhill. My photos didn’t come out too well but I did get a good shot of this US team member on the big screen:

us team

We had a lovely time although I did really miss the kids but we were kept up to date with their various antics by email and SMS. The kids obviously missed us too however I am not sure if E was happier to see the flag we brought back for her or us.

Once we got back though I started planning our next activity inspired by our weekend. It’s currently drying so I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

mountains setting


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