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No fun like snow fun!

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Yesterday feeling very inspired by my trip to the mountains I decided we would try and create our very own snowflakes.

We tried 3 different sorts:


  • First the good old paper snowflakes cut by me but directed on shape and location of cut by E. I did show her how to use scissors but I think shapes are still beyond her. We will be doing something involving a fringe soon as she can do that very successfully (picture numerous sheets of paper now semi-shredded around the house).
  • Then we decided to steal all of my hubby’s cotton buds and make some snowflakes by glueing them together. We did this in two ways: our first attempts just glued them whole on top of each other (on greaseproof paper) and the next attempt (which worked better) was to halve them and stick them back together.
  • Our third and final idea was to make snowflake-esque patterns with our glue. E loved this perfect excuse to make a mess. You have to put the glue down quite thickly onto the greaseproof or it snaps when you take it off later.

So taaaadaaaa (our very patriotic snowflakes):

flag snowflakes
I do think these are my favourites even if hubby was busy complaining that he could not find his cotton buds tonight… Whoops. Must add them to the shopping list.

Tomorrow is going to be all about baking by the way. Right its getting late. See you all soon and take care.


Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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