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Patience for Fashion!


My daughter, at 2 and a half, is probably way more fashionable than I will ever be. She has been choosing her clothes herself for going on 2 years and has always had an interesting albeit rather wacky sense of style. But you could definitely not call her patient!

I have worried myself over her development a number of times (like most mothers) wondering if she is slow or doesn’t understand certain things, but, as I have come to realise, she is actually very smart and just lazy. Ask her to do a puzzle, for example, and she will try to convince you to do it for her and pretend she “can’t”. Go to do you own thing and you come back to find not only has she done it but she decided to do it upside-down.

When it comes to fine motor skills its generally the same thing but I came up with a winner today!


E has a jewellery collection which rivals my own. She has a magpie eye for anything colourful or that shines and manages to convince everyone its what she needs. So guess what she receives in abundance for christmas and birthdays? So I thought lets combine the two and see if we can make something fun. I thought it might be a bit tough giving a 2 year old some thread to insert into beads so we used pipe-cleaners instead (but laces would probably do too).

First we knotted the end of one pipe-cleaner and then I left her to choose which beads she wanted to 1-1e threading & beads

Once it was full we knotted the other end and made two hooks on either end which we could then use to attach the necklace.

es on e

Simple really but great fun and E certainly improved by the time she had done her third one.e threadingmine halfway

I’ve been wearing mine all day and didn’t get that many odd looks (well I doubt they were necklace related).

I’m going to keep it short but sweet today so I’ll just leave you with a picture. Hope you had a good day too.

mine on e


Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “Patience for Fashion!

  1. I have a two and a half year old too who today climbed to the very top of the playground and then started screaming “I NEED HELP!!” at the top of her lungs…all of this after she had already climbed up and come down the slide. Crazy girl! 🙂

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