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Paint by breakfast

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Among other things it’s our 10 year anniversary today. Seems crazy that we have actually been together that long. We are celebrating tonight so I decided to make it special for the kids too.

When E and I went to the stationary shop to buy our craft supplies the other day we had a total explore. It always works out more expensive than planned but I love going in there as it is such a source for inspiration. This trip I found these paint palates for 2 Swiss Francs a piece so I reckoned absolute bargain!

They make great pick and mix style plates and it is fab to really be able to contrast so many different colours on one plate. We have yoghurts, fresh fruit, compote, dried fruit and cereal. I tend to buy fairly seasonally or local produce (bananas being the exception) so I can’t wait to do this again this summer with all the berries!

Breakfast Painting

What’s more it has been proven that kids prefer children are tempted by plates with more elements and colours thus encouraging them to eat more nutritionally diverse diets (Cornell, 2012) How fab is that?

I am going to be having more fun with meal times over the next few months so stay posted.

Have a lovely day.


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I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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