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Gardening for the ungifted

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My Dad is an excellent gardener and grows everything from Clematis to cucumbers. I on the other hand seem to lack the green fingers gene. Now it is a testament to my Dad that I can actually grow anything. We were trained from a young age to plant seeds, repot plants and how not to drown our plants when watering (something I still fail at as an adult). The only thing I can fairly successfully grow is amaryllis… no idea why! What I would love, however, is to give my kids the basics so I am making an effort and here are some of our attempts this year.

E and I planted out some hyacinths and amaryllis just before christmas and they are now flowering. Amaryllis are fine (as always) but this is the general state of our hyacinths:

I have no idea why they grew at such different rates...

I have no idea why they grew at such different rates…

With our above planting failures I decided to set our sights a bit lower and we popped some carrot tops in water a couple of weeks ago. You really can’t get more basic than this. Pop your carrot trimming in a saucer and keep it topped up with about a cm of water. The great thing about carrot tops is that they grow fairy quickly. This is fab for the kids as they can actually see the growth on a daily basis.


We then decided to move on to the next level of gardening and grow some cress. Unfortunately I could not find any cress so rocket seeds would have to do. I decided that as sprinkling some cress on some moist kitchen paper was not going to take us very long we would spruce up our planting container. For this we first cut off the rim of our yoghurt pot and then together cut down into it to create a grass effect. Then we painted it with 2 different shades of green and left it to dry. Once it was dry we could insert our carefully folded kitchen roll and then add our seeds. Then we watered it enough to wet the paper and poured off the excess (which was inevitable with E doing the watering). Every morning we topped up the water and you could see growth starting after the first day. 

Ladybird pot

Ten days later we had our results so our little chocolate ladybird took residence:pot

See even the most untalented gardener can have some green growing fun with their children! Ok so its baby steps but I’m reading up and hopefully will improve quickly.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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