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I love you!


I know this is a bit early but we’ve been preparing for Valentine’s Day and making our gifts. I’ve also been explaining what the whole day is about and making sure that the children know how much they are loved.

While Valentine’s day is originally about lovers it has evolved into more of a general celebration of love. We are probably more spiritual than religious but I like the idea of a day which is all about those closest to you. There is no need to spend a huge amount but it nice to give a token that will last. Sometimes we forget to tell the people who we love how much they mean to us as we see them on a regular basis so its great to have the occasion to make a big thing of it.

all wrapped

We have been decorating candle holders for family members. I found some cheap candle dishes in Ikea for less than 1 CHF  a piece and a pack of 4 candles for 2.50 CHF. I have some markers which you use to draw on glass or porcelain then you fix the design by baking for one hour in a 180°C oven. I’ve heard you can use permanent Sharpie markers too in the same way but you can’t buy them near me.

I started by writing out our messages and drawing a heart on the plate. E’s has recently decided to call herself Scooby so insisted on signing them with her new name. What was great was giving E a real incentive to colour within the lines. She has real attention problems sometimes and never normally manages it so I didn’t know how well she would deal with the task but she really rose to the challenge.

candle plates

Next we tried a few different ways of decorating our candles. First we tried with glitter glue but unfortunately this isn’t very durable as it tends to come off once it is dried. A more impressive finish was achieved with tissue paper and ribbon.tissue paper candles

You could use normal wrapping paper too or even create your own heart print using celery like here:Celery-Heart-Cards

We were both quite proud of the results. I really hope they like their gifts!
finished product


Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “I love you!

  1. So fun! I miss doing this sort of project…though we do still have one at home, and she and i are doing complex, long term projects together. 🙂 -Amy

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