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Quack! – Ducks, Swings and Seesaws


We went on an outing with some friends down to Auvernier during the week. Auvernier is a village just outside of Neuchatel town on the lake. It is beautiful with cobbled streets and set into the vines (they produce a lot of our local wines). Being really easily accessible on foot, by tram or with the bikes, we tend to spend a lot of time down there in summer, and often make a full day trip of it.

Before hitting the playground we went for a stroll down by the lake to feed the ducks. There is a pier which makes a good feeding platform if you are confident your child is not about to throw themselves in with the bread. We had tonnes of stale bread which I have been hoarding and so attracted a whole flock of seagulls along with the ducks which the kids all found very exciting. M my 11 month spent the whole time pointing in awe at the seagulls with his podgy little finger and E managed not to fall in the lake.
pier 2

Once we finally ran out of bread we went for our real exercise. The playground is another brilliant one with a selection of climbing frames, swings, sandpit and various things that spin and bounce for all ages. In winter it is sensible to go in waterproofs (as our friends did) because it is all a little damp and muddy – not that that really bothers the kids.

The good thing about the Auvernier playground (like up in Chaumont) is that there is the possibility to get food and drink on site. There is a kiosk and vending machine just next to it for snacks or a restaurant just across the road called Le Poisson. The restaurant is really good but quite smart and is better to stop for a drink in the summer with young kids as you can sit on the more relaxed shaded terrace.
playground collage

E spent most the time in the playground making herself as dizzy as possible or hanging upside down on the zip-line. We were only out for a couple of hours but all the kids went home thoroughly exhausted!


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I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

3 thoughts on “Quack! – Ducks, Swings and Seesaws

  1. So good for everyone to get a day outside in winter. Looks like fun! -Amy

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