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Overdue in Montreux!

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We descended on our friend living in Montreux today who is now over a week overdue.

Our Mission: get that baby out while keeping the kids entertained!

Now before any overdue ladies start getting any ideas, I want to make it clear that while everything I state in this post has been recommended by various medical professionals, please check with your health provider first before trying anything.

On arrival I unloaded my stash of essential oils on my friend. Certain essential oils are thought to have helpful properties for a natural induction and others are supposed to be good for actual labour. 

The oils can be used as a massage mix, in oil burners or simply dropped onto a handkerchief for inhalation. I just tended to pop some on my wrists for easy sniffing points or in the bath in the evening.

  • Clary Sage – mild analgesic, uterine tonic, helps breathing – helps us see more clearly
  • Geranium – uplifting, great for circulation and breathing, good for womb afterwards
  • Jasmine – antispasmodic and analgesic properties, helps expel placenta
  • Lavender – antiseptic and excellent for aching back, wonderful for healing vaginal tears, calming and balancing
  • Neroli – helps combat fear or apprehension
  • Rose – a very feminine oil that speaks of love, helps the womb, the ligaments, antiseptic, slightly analgesic, cardiac tonic

Massage mix

200 ml of base oil
15 drops of clary sage

10 drops of geranium
5 drops of rose
5 dr of ylang ylang

Staying active and moving your pelvis can help the baby engage and encourage contractions to start or strengthen so walking is the basic advice that the doctors give once you are overdue. It is probably the last thing most heavily pregnant women want to do but needs must. Plus the weather was gorgeous today giving extra incentive!


We walked down to the riviera which is currently the scene of a Smurf invasion which E was highly amused by as they are currently one of her “favourite thing(s) in the whole wide world.” The whole lakefront is scattered with playgrounds and on a day like today it was idyllic.


After the duck feeding in Auvernier the other day E has been asking to do it again on a daily basis so we brought some bread and sat on the edge of the pier for a while feeding the swans, mallards and gulls.


After our walk we went home for our tea. Bromelain is s a mixture of enzymes found in pineapple juice and in the pineapple stem which has a number of different properties: it is know to have anti-inflammatory effects and is often used in meat tenderisers. The property we are interested in is the one where it is said to possibly help induce and shorten labour. While there is very little evidence as to whether this claim is warranted every little helps so we had a delicious pineapple and some popcorn (which the kids loved watching explode).

Blowing up balloons is known for increasing intra-abdominal pressure and can put more pressure on the cervix to move things along, if the baby is already in the optimal position for birth (head down, baby’s back to the left of your bellybutton). So while we were having our tea, and in between mouthfuls of pineapple core, my poor suffering friend (sat on her exercise ball to increase pelvic movement), was brought balloon after balloon by E to inflate.

balloon blowing

I had lots of acupuncture at the end of my pregnancy once I went overdue with E and when I was trying to avoid induction with M and both times it triggered labour fairly well for me. You don’t have to go to an acupuncturist though as you can simple put pressure on the points using your fingers. The three main acupressure points for encouraging labour are: the roof of your mouth just behind the ridge behind the teeth; four finger-widths above the inner ankle; and between the thumb and forefinger. They are fairly tender when you reach the right point so you know if you’ve got the correct spot. After explaining all this to my friend I spent the afternoon being highly annoying and reminding her to press between her forefinger and thumb but I think she took it well.

Finally as anxiety can delay the onset of labour we left her to have a peaceful evening after our fairly packed visit. Hopefully she is sitting there now relaxing with a curry, a spiced tea and a foot massage from her hubby (in order to, fingers crossed, stimulate some of those ankle acupressure points).

Good luck hun and thanks for the fun day out!


Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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