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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue?

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Over the past few days we have had some fun with food colourings and roses seeing if we could manage what the Queen on Heart’s gardeners failed at and turn the white roses red in time for Valentine’s Day.

This is a good fun activity and a great excuse to have lots of flowers in the house. On the more practical side it is also a great visual aid for learning about water uptake in flowers.

roses and red colouring

We tried initially with some large white roses that were going cheap as they had already opened. I added about a quarter teaspoon of gel colouring for 500ml of water. We had red, pink and purple colouring to see the different effects. The purple was the first to show after only an hour in the tips of the petals. It did come out more blue than purple though and the pink colouring flowers didn’t show at all.

blue roses

The red started to show a faint blush after a few more hours and the tips of the petals had already changed. The next day the flowers looked beautifully speckled but were definitely past their prime and so we decided to try and find ourselves some slightly more closed roses to try agin with the red.

big rose

I found a bunch of small white roses barely opened and we tried again – this time using the shops special flower feed solution. They certainly looked much healthier as the red started to give them their blush.

mini roses collage

Today we woke up to this beautiful red:

red rose

Nope, only kidding!

I think there might be a limit as to how red the roses will go though, as they haven’t actually turned any redder than the large ones, but they do look very pretty.

While at the florists I spotted some beautiful blue orchids. When I quizzed the Florist about them she quickly admitted that they had put food colouring in the soil while they were growing. So maybe that is the way forward? I may reattempt in the future with potted flowers.

My house smells lovely and E was amused so win all round.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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