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Do you ever feel you are being punished for something?

I stop breastfeeding and guess what happens? My usually very healthy family falls ill! Well except me… I think my immune system was perhaps supporting everyone. Or maybe at least blocking the littlest midget from being a source of illness.

Do I feel guilty? Yes. Did I crack and breastfeed again? Yes, but only once for a little boost.

We spent Sunday in emergency after M went really drowsy despite the drugs for fever. We now have antibiotics for ear infections and ibuprofen to combat the inflammation and fevers.

It has therefore been a pretty quiet in this household over the past few days. Every time I try to do an outing just for some fresh air the fevers spike and then I just end up tucking M back in for yet another nap or E in with the iPad or a book.

M is currently sleeping 16 hours a day minimum while E refuses to sleep more than 12 despite being exhausted. I am knackered too dealing with the extreme moods of an overtired yet bored two-nager.

I am, however, learning new techniques of easy play for my usually totally boisterous pair involving den making and basic drawing or painting as they get slowly better.

So if you wonder what black hole I have fallen down now you know. Off to the docs again this morning. Let’s hope we get some good news.

Wrap up warm and take care. Spring is nearly here!


Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “Jinxed

  1. I hope everyone is healthy again soon!! Hang in there, Mama.

    • Thanks 🙂 we have antibiotics now for my little girl too and they both finally seem on the mend. We even managed a little outing just now I’ll tell you it about later. X

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