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Trying to be serious in the face of a toddler…


This week as the third birthday draws ever nearer I have found myself being tested more and more by my little girl. The problem is that I am starting to get major fits of the giggles as her actions get more and more common.

The table manners have gone seriously downhill recently when my little clown (who is normally a very neat and tidy eater) starts to play up. I think she was born with a natural gift for comic timing because normally I am pretty strict on table manners and find most bad behaviour at the table pretty disgusting. Unfortunately this little girl is starting to get us on a regular basis with her mix of innocence and giant cheeky grins leaving all the adults at the table chuckling behind their napkins while we take it in turns to scold.

Yesterday my little girl got so upset, due to not having the right toy car, she started to scream (fake sobs I might add) for Teddy. Said Teddy was all of 3cm away from her outstretched fingers when spread eagled on the floor. Unfortunately she had lost the ability to crawl, walk or otherwise shuffle in order to move and grab him. This episode continued all of 5 minutes while Granny and myself watched wondering if we should end the tantrum by nudging Teddy the 3cm distance closer. Granny took pity first but not before teddy had to lie stretching out to E on the ground making grunts of effort too in order to get closer to her.

I have also had my eyebrows and hair styled a few times this week by one little girl who insists that eyebrows should be fluffed up and hair should be a mess in order to look “pretty”. Often this is when I am holding her in place on the loo and so I can’t get away without risking her falling in. Now after about the 3rd “No!” I just start cracking up now making me even less authoritative.

Another new favourite is to pin me down and lick my nose until she gets bored or I am giggling too much to even respond.

The worst incident had to be during one of our walks when I was trying to deal with a toddling M (he’s just started walking) and could see that E’s trousers were starting to fall down. I call over to E asking her to pull up her trousers and instead she pulls them off along with her knickers and goes for a little run. Trying to run after her with M in arms and not collapse in fits of laughter was probably one of my toughest moments as a mum yet.

M has caught on the game too recently chucking toys down the stairwell for attention until I come to stop him, at which point he looks at me with arm outstretched through the bars and lets go of the current toy in his hand. 

“plink, plink, plonk, crash….”

This is all then followed by a big grin and he scampers away giggling as fast as he can go.

Some of it is quite innocent like the fact that E now wants to do things like a grownup. She was given her juice in a plastic wine glass the other day and proceeded to sniff and swirl it around before drinking (once again I swear we don’t actually drink that much!). But other times it is the phrases that come out of her mouth such as 

“Mummy! M is all dribbley; he’s a such a state.”

All of this along with the nonsensical comments and “why?” questions and I feel like I’m going mad.

I mean her imagination has gone into overdrive meaning we have to stop mid walk sometimes to have an imaginary phone conversation on an imaginary phone generally recapping the past few hours with any absent friends or family members.

Oh help me! My house is being taken over my monkeys and I’ve lost all self control. I guess its better to laugh than cry.

 Happy Mothers’ Day!



Author: youmeandteddy

I am a stay at home mum with 2 young children living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “Trying to be serious in the face of a toddler…

  1. I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award! See details at

    • Thank you very much! I’ve been a bit mad this week but hopefully should be able to catch up now and get writing again. I’d best tell you all what we’ve been doing! x

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