You, Me and Teddy

Parenting adventures and activities in and around Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland.



Sometimes things get a bit silly here but the kids seem to enjoy it so I tend to just get egged on.

I was attempting to quickly prepare dinner for some guests this weekend while at the same time as making the kids’ dinner. As all mums of small children will know this is never allowed so we develop distraction tactics.

M was giving me the “I’m so hungry, I’m fading away” chat so I slipped him a goldfish nibble. Total mistake! Was he content with just one? No! Soon I had something small and now very dribbly trying to climb my leg and I was unable to move. I caved and gave him another which in turn gave me some short lived respite until it was swallowed.


Cue brainwave: I started to lay the goldfish out in a line. Not only would M have to move to eat (taking up more time) but I could also lead him anywhere by means of goldfish bribery.

My initial line went round the kitchen island, just as a improvised obstacle course, to test my theory. Then we took a turn into the hallway towards the kids playroom/study where E was playing happily. It worked as a giggling M got gradually closer to his toys and away from the dangerous kitchen.

M trail

E soon came out to see what all the giggling was about and shrieked in delight at the goldfish trail (starting to eat her way along it too).

Ok, I know it is probably some mums’ worst nightmare (their kids eating off the floor) but we are a pet-free and shoe-free house and they had good fun.


  • The floor was very clean pre the goldfish crumbs explosion.
  • No children were harmed despite the abuse during this improvised activity. In fact maybe their immune systems were improved.