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April Fish!

I had to introduce my little girl to the concept of April Fool’s Day today as at nearly three I think she is finally old enough to get it.

When we woke this morning I explained to her what day it was and what people generally do on April Fool’s Day. Then I attempted to get her to  play a joke on Daddy to which she responded,

“No Mummy, you are silly.”

Not put off I headed down to get breakfast ready. I had prepared E’s bowl the night before: I froze her current favourite cereal with some milk in a bowl (hiding some ice cubes underneath so as not to be too wasteful). So all I had to do this morning was to top up with a bit of fresh milk and there was no immediate noticeable difference.


Ever hungry E tried to dig straight in to her breakfast only to be able to dislodge one flake while I ate my bowl happily next to her. Undeterred she tried again.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Mummy its stuck!”

“Really? Mine’s ok. Look!”

*Frantic attack of the frozen cereal commences.*


To which I crack and explain, “April Fool’s!”

“Oh… Silly Mummy!”

I offered her a normal bowl of cereal and she was happy with only a few mutterings of “silly Mummy” from time to time between mouthfuls.

We soon made peace though when I showed her what she had for her tea later. Over here “April Fools” pranks are known as a “Poisson d’Avril” and I got the kids a couple of little marzipan fish from our local Chocolaterie to celebrate today. I love this place and think they do the best chocolate truffles I have ever tasted! If you are ever in Neuchâtel you need to pop by but be warned the owners are approaching retirement and I’ve heard they are going to shut the shop when they do. As good an excuse as any for us to eat their chocolate while we still can.

poisson d'avril

I think in E’s eyes it was just another normal morning with me being just marginally stranger than normal. I can’t wait for next year!

Hope you had happy pranking too this morning.